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  • The Housing Foundation of the Islamic Revolution was established within the framework of plans and policies of the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran by the command of Imam Khomeini (R.A.) – the founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran – in 9 April 1979. The foundation has its headquarters in the capital (Tehran) and 30 other branches in province capitals and 278 secondary branches in different cities of Iran. In addition, seven administrative organizations are practically involved in housing development in cities and villages, housing for the impecunious and reconstruction of the areas afflicted by natural disasters and report for duty as a part of Housing Foundation’s special responsibilities.



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Housing Foundation



  • About Amount of 608 Billion Rials Credits Allocated for Reconstruction of Damaged Housing Units at Qasr Shirin County
    The Governor’s Qasr Shirin County said: by did efforts and tries amount of 607 billion and 900 million Rials credits allocated for reconstruction of damaged housing units due to recent earthquake at this county. Akbari added: ...
  • Retrofitting of 948 Housing Units at Area of Villages in Ardebil County
    The Director General’s Housing Foundation of Islamic Revolution in Ardebil County informed about retrofitting of 948 housing units with amount of 190 billion Rials credits at area of villages in this province within this ...
  • Conditions of Giving New Year Gift to Amount of 2 Million Rials Was Notified for Stricken by Earthquake in Kermanshah Province
    As following notification news of New Year gift with amount of 20 million Rials by Red Crescent Population to stricken by earthquake in Kermanshah Province, below cases is informed for announce of implementation it and resolve ...
  • Allocation Amount of 10 Billion Rials Bitumen to Lamerd and Mohr Counties
    The Director’s Housing Foundation of Islamic Revolution at Lamerd County stated: nearby amount of 10 billion Rials credits allocated for rehabilitation and asphalt of villages at counties of Lamerd and Mohr at this year. ...
  • Housing Foundation of Islamic Revolution in Gilan Province Issued More Than 7,400 Rural Title Deeds
    The Director General’s Housing Foundation of Islamic Revolution in Gilan Province stated that this province contains many capacities at villages and said: since of last year until now, the numbers of 7,420 volumes of rural ...
  • Allocation 345 Items Facilities of Eco-Tourism to Masal County
    The Governor of Masal County informed about allocation 345 items facilities of eco-tourism to this county. Amer continued: receiving of permit and facilities of eco-tourism should be possible at all of villages contains of ...