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 Housing Foundation

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  • The Housing Foundation of the Islamic Revolution was established within the framework of plans and policies of the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran by the command of Imam Khomeini (R.A.) – the founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran – in 9 April 1979. The foundation has its headquarters in the capital (Tehran) and 30 other branches in province capitals and 278 secondary branches in different cities of Iran. In addition, seven administrative organizations are practically involved in housing development in cities and villages, housing for the impecunious and reconstruction of the areas afflicted by natural disasters and report for duty as a part of Housing Foundation’s special responsibilities.



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Housing Foundation



  • Supply of Housing for Low-Classes of Society is followed At 6th Development Program as figure of Rent, Mortgage and Construction of Housing
    The Deputy’s Urban Housing at Housing Foundation of Islamic Revolution said: necessary works has been considered supply of housing for low-income classes of society at 6th development program and this foundation has framework ...
  • Implementation More than Amount of 32 Billion and 951 Million Rials Credits for Plans at Villages of Mah-Velat Township
    The Director’s Housing Foundation of Islamic Revolution at Mah-Velat Township said: from the beginning of this year, more than amount of 32 billion and 951 million credits for plan has executed at rural regions of this township. ...
  • Implementation of Guide Plan at 45 Villages of Mane & Samalqan Township
    The Director’s Housing Foundation of Islamic Revolution at Mane & Samalqan Township informed about implementation of guide plan at 45 villages of this township. Raoufi, total numbers of villages at this township announced ...
  • Gratuitous Loan for Having House of Families Contains of Two Disabled Persons
    The Chairman’s Board of Directors at Many Charitable of House Constructors Association said: in addition to cheap-price loan, amount of 300 million Rials gratuitous loan is delivered for help to disabled persons in cities. ...
  • Retrofitting of 143,756 Rural Housing Units in East Azerbaijan Province
    The Director General’s Housing Foundation of Islamic Revolution in East Azerbaijan Province informed about renovation and retrofitting of 143,756 rural housing units in this province. Babapoor said: now, rate of introduced ...
  • Estimate of Flood Damages about 4 Provinces and Introduction of the Cabinet
    The Deputy of Minister Interior and Head of Crisis Management Organization informed about damages due to flood at 4 provinces of country. Nadjar about damages due to flood at provinces of Fars, Kerman, Hormuzgan and Bushehr ...