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Housing Foundation of Islamic Revolution



Housing Foundation of Islamic Revolution was founded on Farvardin 21, 1358 (April 10, 1979) by the order of Imam Khomeini, the founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran, with the aim of providing housing for the underprivileged and as the administrator of development of country’s villages and construction of urban residential units within the framework of policies and programs set by the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

H.F.I.R. has a central office in Tehran and 30 general offices - one in each provincial capital city - and over 364 secondary branch offices in different cities throughout the country. In addition, seven executive organizations are practically involved in Housing Foundation’s special task of providing housing for low-income people and development of housing in cities and villages, as well as, reconstruction of regions suffering damage by natural catastrophes.


Goals of H.F.I.R. according to its constitution and approved laws of Islamic Republic’s Parliament

·        Research and study on diagnosing and determining housing needs of the underprivileged, whether rural  or urban, and providing means of fulfilling the needs through cooperation and help of people and various organizations;

·        Providing plans for inexpensive residential complexes and housing units and implementing them either directly or by cooperation and help of people and related organizations in villages and cities;

·        Providing and preparing the landscape needed by Foundation’s projects;

·        Giving help in providing country’s construction materials through purchase, manufacture and distribution;

·        Providing guidance plans and retouching the paths in villages through coordination with related organizations, and implementing them using people’s cooperation financed through government approved budget;

·        Provision and presentation of needed plans for reconstruction of regions damaged by war, flood, earthquake, and other natural disasters, and implementing them through cooperation and help of people coordinated with related organizations and authorities;

·        Studying and scheduling and executing government approval of building two million rural residential units during the two Five-year Development Plans of the country (building 200,000 rural housing units per year).