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Housing Foundation’s Machinery Department


Housing Foundation’s Machinery Bank, having a complete and varied set of heavy and light machinery which are used in execution of various operations and projects all over country, which in addition to economic profit, it is also a source of great social and spiritual gains.

This department, as one of Housing Foundation’s executive sections, with its presence in provinces in execution of rural development projects, in addition to helping with development of villages, acts as a technical and engineering supporting force, especially in reconstruction of regions stricken by unexpected catastrophes.



Housing Foundation’s Machinery Department, having 1,270 sets of various heavy and semi-heavy construction machinery, and over 1,680 highly trained and skilled technicians, engineers and machine operators has had a determining role in development projects all over country. Some of the projects done by this department are:

1.     Water transfer canal in Hamidieh, Khuzestan;

2.     Cooperation in building Ahwaz – Bandar Imam Freeway in Khuzestan;

3.     Cooperation in building metropolitan freeways and expressways in Tehran and other provinces;

4.     Cooperation in building earth-dams in Oromieh and Zanjan;

5.     Projects of preparing the sites for big residential complexes throughout the country;

6.     Active presence in regions damaged by the imposed war and unexpected events, and tens of other development projects.

This department, with its technical, engineering, and machinery capability and valuable experiences gained through executing so many reconstruction and development projects is highly qualified an capable of undertake road construction projects abroad.