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Urban Housing Affair

Housing Foundation of Islamic Revolution, according to its constitution, has the mission of providing urban mass housing for low income class delivered at finished cost. In this regard, the ultimate goal of Housing Foundation is providing urban housing for low income families proportionate to their substantial and spiritual needs and economic condition.

In fulfillment of this goal, the Policy of Urban Housing Department is:

1.     Producing mass housing in order to decrease the cost;

2.     paying consideration to strengthening the building to increase building’s useful life;

3.     Avoiding unnecessary luxury and decorations in the building;

4.     Preserving the family’s dignity and avoiding them to be shown as the housing projects delivered to the poor people;

5.     Defining the project and executing it for an extended family income so that to avoid poor families being housed in one complex and thus avoiding intensification of poverty and creation of ghettoes;

6.     Making use of subsidiaries, donations (Account number 100 in the name of Imam Khomeini), government budget, banking facilities, and other means in determining the end cost of residential units in order to decrease the pressure on low income families.

7.     Giving heed to inside and outside appearance of the building, especially in receiving enough sunlight, its sanitary condition, general appearance, beauty of the environment, as well as, no unit having clear view inside the other;

8.     Paying attention to provision of other conditions and facilities needed in life, including provision of energy, water, education, sanitation and  health services, green areas, play grounds, etc.