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Rural development activity is the most important and the main task of Housing Foundation of Islamic Revolution. We do this mission with the aim of developing and flourishing country’s villages, as well as, helping with justly provision of facilities, and providing physical guidance for improving environmental conditions of rural regions throughout the country. Therefore, this organization is in-line with the goals set by country’s 20 year development perspective document which is considered as the national development document.


Physical Systemizing of Rural Habitats

Physical Systemizing of Rural Habitats is a project aimed at harmonious and continuous development of agricultural, industrial, and service activities through proper distribution of population and activities and optimum placement of services in rural environment in harmony with urban system.

Objectives of preparing such projects are:

1.     Spatial systemizing of existing rural habitats in the frame of physical- spatial division system;

2.     Economic systemizing the area being studied based on presentation of economic programs, plans, and projects separately for each physical division of the plan;

3.     Distributing and dispersing rural population in the frame of physical division system of the plan;

4.     Proper systemizing of facilities and welfare services according to purposed physical division and hierarchy system.


Rural Guidance Plan

Rural guidance plan is a plan aimed at systemizing an repairing the existing structure while determining the amount and place of future development and the way land should be used for various needs such as residence, commerce,  agriculture, facilities, equipment, and general rural needs in the frame of rural spatial and habitats systemizing plans and collective regional plans.

The goals of preparing and executing these plans are:

1.     Creating grounds for development of villages according to cultural, economic, and social conditions;

2.     Justly provision of facilities through creation of social, production, and welfare facilities;

3.     Guiding physical condition of village;

4.     Creation of necessary facilities for improving villagers’ habitats and environmental and public services.


Improving Rural Valuable Texture

Revitalizing and improving the rural valuable texture is a plan which pursues in proper and optimum methods the physical-spatial development of villages through maintaining and revitalizing their cultural, historical, and architectural values by exploring the rural valuable spaces.

Preparation and execution of these plans is done to reach the following objectives:

1.     Preserving, revitalizing, and repairing the texture and body having value with regard to habitation and production;

2.     Preserving, revitalizing rural cultural, historical, physical-spatial, architectural values and enhancing the appearance of the village, and introducing these values at national and international levels – especially with regards to enhancing tourism;

3.     Quantitative and qualitative enhancement rural living and production;

4.     Providing grounds for rural development according to the existing conditions, capabilities, and limitations.


Issuance of Ownership Documents of Rural Land Pieces

Issuance of ownership documents for rural land owners is the legal and technical procedure of preparing the necessary documents and maps of the owned properties with the following objectives:

1.     Systemizing ownership of landscape situated in residential texture of villages;

2.     Making it possible for villagers to take advantage of banking facilities;

3.     Enhancing legal and economic value of land pieces in villages.


Study and Research Projects

These are study and research activities about rural development in the country, which is performed with respect to present needs and future challenges. In performing these activities, scientific methods and principles were employed in preparing methodology and theoretical basics of rural development activities, definition of activities, and recent operations, or current development and improvements.

Some of the goals of mentioned projects are:

1.     Elimination of barrier and difficulties in proper achievement of rural development tasks;

2.     Coming up with new methods in fulfilling rural development duties;

3.     Creation of new opportunities for rural development activities;

4.     Presentation of unified patterns and methods of fulfilling rural development tasks.